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Just some thoughts [08 Apr 2005|06:43pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay, so, I've finished my profile (sent it to Britt yesterday) and have started on the Neighbours thing. Not going so great. I had an idea though, during English class yesterday. I'll read 'Taronga' by Victor Kelleher (our teacher recommended it to us ... sounded good) and complete a review. That okay with everyone? We haven't focused much on books, really. Also, Robyn or anyone who's read 'Perfect Victim'?? And all those John Marsden books are worth a look, as well as maybe some Robin Klein. Just some thoughts, reviews or help with school books could be awesome. Yepyep!!

So, yes. Ummm ... who would be consider to be the stars from Neighbours?? Kylie and Natalie, of course. And evil nasty cow Delta Goodrem, I guess. Who are some guys? I think I'll have to do some research before I get into this ...

Mm-hm. Thus concludes my first post in this community!! ^_^

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UPDATES [06 Apr 2005|09:56pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've just updated the site:
+ Cathy is now listed as part of the team
+ My profile is up
+ I changed the coding so that links now underline when you hover on them
+ I added "HOME" links at the bottom of each page - just to make things easier until the official site launches

Now, just a few things:
Robyn - Have you done the drawings, or do you want me to do them? I don't mind either way. The only problem is I don't have a scanner, and therefore have to either rely on my mum to scan for me at work, or scan myself at school.
Lizzie & Cathy - I need profiles a.s.a.p. !!!

And try to come up with article ideas ... have a notebook handy at all times to write ideas in, then post them here! Check out other online "zines" or music websites or magazines for ideas ...

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idea fest ! [06 Apr 2005|07:36pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Okay, here are some ideas. But first - the rules:

You can only take one idea, until everyone (ie. Lizzie, Robyn, Cathy and Me) has one. Then you may pick another. That way we all get a fair pick.

So, here we go:

1. List - 20 Aussie songs you must own taken by me! harrietwalker

2. Logie nominations - comment on how deserving the nominees are, and who you think should win each category taken by xxxrobynxxx

3. Triple M freq club - is it worth joining?

4. Street teams - what are they? How can you help?

5. List your 10 favourite TV shows on free-to-air (they don't have to be Australian) - this can go on the main page for TV and will be changed from person to person every week or so taken by cathy ... wcb_lover

6. So you cant afford an iPod? - look at some cheaper alternatives to an iPod (from $2 radios to discmans to cheap mp3 players)

7. 20 years of Neighbours - comment on the success of the show as well as the stars it has produced

8. "I want my MTV!" - Music shows on free-to-air. What are they? Are they worth watching?

9. Reviews - Grinspoon's new album, Missy Higgins' album, Powderfinger's greates hits etc. (Aussie music, pref. rock)

10. Triple M - after the 2005 rock countdown, Triple M changed format a bit. What do you think?

If you have any more topic ideas, number them and comment.

Remember, wait until everyone has one before picking a second.

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